Dark Energy   (On youtube)


Sometimes the death of a star

Casts its light very far, Glowing like a hundred billion Suns.

One per galaxy per century

But the galaxies are plenty

So one can be seen every night

Far and bright

But dimmer than we expected them to be


The light roars across space

The great vastness we face, stretching as space expands

With big telescopes we catch

And we measure the stretch;

It is less than we expected it to be

CanÕt believe

How the rate of space creation has increased


What is causing this rush?

This late great cosmic flush, hurtling all things apart

Cosmo constant, scalar field,

No compelling theories yield

To the best of our creative and daring minds

Young and bright

Who strain, and reach, and struggle to know why



And how expansion used to be

How youÕd recede away from me

It was fast but slowing down

Maybe youÕd even start approaching


But now HeÕs speeding up the rate

Out of contact is our fate

Dark energy is all around

Diluting everything itÕs not



What a strange thing in space

We have found from this place

That is circling all `round the Sun.


We will unveil a clue

Then weÕll know how it all holds together

And weÕll mark

One more milepost on our never-ending quest